Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Selene [A drabble of 200 words]

The darkness was insubstantial, thin and watery, the kind of darkness you could easily imagine away even with your eyes open. The moon was bright, and it hurt her eyes to look directly at it, but even as the crick in her neck persisted, she didn't want to stop.

She tried to imagine the moon as a perfectly circular hole in the sky, a portal from the twilit world to some metaphysical outside, but she couldn't. It was clearly a hunk of rock in the sky. Clearly it was nothing special. Just a moon.

And she found herself wondering what it would taste like.

Cheese, it would definitely taste like cheese, mild and savory and spongy. Or maybe it would be like a truffle, with the powdery dusting of sugar on the outside, and a smooth, solid inside. It would be cold. It might give her brain freeze.

She didn't want to eat the moon.

If she ate the moon, the tides would be disrupted and the earth's gravitational pull could be affected and kids would get scared when they went to bed because some nights the nightlight just isn't bright enough. Goodnight Moon would be culturally irrelevant.

Yes, clearly, a travesty.


Art said...

I love this, Hayley.

Now I want to try to "imagine the moon as a perfectly circular hole in the sky".

Micah E. said...

This is very nearly as crazy as the things Jay writes.

That's a good thing.

Michael said...

This may be the most made of awesome thing I have read since "So long and thanks for all the fish." Really, I like it a lot.

Lala said...

So Good! I like it alot...was there a purpose to this short blob of words? Besides making the reader feel like they were there....

Hayley said...

No purpose, really. It was more or less my train of thought when we were driving home from classes last night. Minus the Goodnight Moon part. I've never read that book. :P

Lala said...

wow then hayley...way to be a poser :P

Siobhan said...

yay!! you've caught the drabble bug! :D i enjoyed this immensely