Monday, February 22, 2010

A Response.

Oh great God, be small enough to hear me now. Oh great Creator, tune your ear to your creation. Forgive my wayward judgments and my impatience, my dragging feet and my unimpassioned existence today. Have mercy on this sinner who needs you so very much.

Was Pascal right when he said that you "instituted prayer in order to lend to His creatures the dignity of causality"? Are you gratified when our prayers match the target of what you're planning? Are you pleased with feeble prayers alike, or do you only count the heart of the prayer? I ask, God, because I think this is a feeble prayer. But I want to learn how to bring to you an offering of prayer that will please you. So I'm practicing.

I am so overwhelmed, God, by all the things that need praying for. Is this why you told us to pray continuously, because it's the only way to pray for what needs praying for? I want to be praying for the things you want me to be praying for, but that itself takes praying, doesn't it?

I think it must be true, what Walter Wink wrote: "History belongs to the intercessors who thus believe the future into being." I think this is what you want from your church, from me, to pray big and bold things after you own heart. You've built in me faith, now please give me the vision, the words.

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