Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today was a completed to-do list.

This morning I woke up to the faint strains of "Bad Romance" coming from my radio alarm and my mom yelling from downstairs, "Get up! It's only dark outside because it's snowing! We've got lots to do today! Get up!" I don't really remember what happened between rolling out of bed and lacing up my snow boots, but shortly I was out in the quiet cold, earbuds echoing my own voice back to me as I redeemed shoveling time with attempts to memorize my speeches.

Ugh. I am very slow at memorizing.

I love shoveling. So neat, methodical, therapeutic. It was just perfect snowy weather, with no wind, and tolerably cool air, and big fluffy snowflakes. There was the perfect layer of snow on the driveway; enough to have something to shovel, but not so much to make me break a sweat.

We have new neighbors moving in across the street. For the past month they've had workers* over and an obnoxious yellow and blue and pink van that seems to belong to an electric company parked outside. This morning, while I was shoveling, five or so cars came and went, but I mostly didn't pay attention. It occurred to me that our family should do something for them, but I'm not sure what we would do. No one knows anything about these people. It's just so very New England of us.

Of course, all the snow is melting. We got a good four inches or so, but now it looks more like two. This winter seems to be coming up to an ending, which I think is just perfect, because it's lasted a tolerable amount of time. Last year the winter dragged on, didn't it?, it was nearly eternal. This year, there was a reasonable amount of snow with a few reasonable cold snaps, and I've appreciated the winteryness of it all. I like having four distinct seasons. Surely New England is the most pleasant place to live.

For some reason, I keep thinking February is over. I'm just really excited for March.

*Men who arrive at nine and leave at five who stand around in the driveway drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee and occasionally make loud banging noises. Seriously, I've watched from our window. I haven't the foggiest idea what those guys are supposed to be doing over there, but I don't think their employers are getting their money's worth.


Elizabeth said...

:-) Thanks for writing this, Hayley. I love New England.

Siobhan said...

i just love reading your blog hayley. you express all the sentiments i would if i had your eloquence.

new england is the best.

Luke said...

Hopefully you were memorizing our =P