Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm thinking about what it means to be available. Open to being used by God, and willing to do His bidding. About what that looks like on a macro scale, and what that means for every morning of sluggish rising and morning commutes and quiet lunches with book in hand. 

I know some pretty charismatic people. Interestingly, most of them are in ministry. (Though I'm not saying correlation equals causation! :P) They also write blogs, and I read them.

And occasionally re-blog them.

Like right now.

Here is a cool story I heard a while ago. There was this guy who was a Christian and really loved Jesus. One day he felt God was saying to do a head stand in isle 9 of a local super market. The guy thought he has gone crazy and felt he just heard God wrong. But again God told him to do that. So he ended up going to that isle and doing a headstand. A little while later a lady passed by and when she saw him standing on his head she broke down in tears. After talking to her for a little bit he found out that a few minutes before she was jokingly saying that if God exists he should have a guy do a headstand in isle 9.

Does God work that way?

I don't know. Why not? 

(You can follow some of the work God is doing through YWAM at San Francisco's North Beach at Markus Hauesser's Twitter feed.)

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Nicole said...

That's the thing about God. Sometimes I'm just plain afraid to trust Him. That if He told me to stand on my head in aisle 9, I'd brush it aside. Not just once but over and over, convincing myself that I'm going crazy, that I'm being ridiculous, that no sane person does things like that. And so the atheist would walk by aisle 9, see no one standing on their head, and would add yet another notch to her atheism belt.

I need to learn to trust Him more. Because He uses crazy things for His glory.