Monday, February 11, 2013

In search of clarity

At night I think straight.
I know what I want, what I feel, and how to explain it.
At night I'm opinionated.
I know what I think, and I understand that I don't know anything.
I see clearly at night.
I put to rest all the little things that chafe inside me through the day.
I think my thoughts in circles until I fall asleep.
I imagine the future, and smirk at what I see.
At night I know how silly I am.
I don't take myself too seriously.
I'm self-absorbed but I don't mind.
At night it's the darkness and silence of just God and me.
I can light upon peace and cling to it.
Thank You Lord that Your mercies are new every morning.
. . . so let me wake before dawn.

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