Friday, October 23, 2009

Proof I AM politically self-righteous.

I registered to vote today.

The nice man behind the counter asked me, "Democrat, Republican, or Unaffiliated?" I glanced at my mom to make sure she wouldn't take my choice as a streak of teenaged rebellion or political self-righteousness. She smirked. "Not registering Democrat? Bad Rhode Islander!"

It wasn't until we left AAA that my realization bloomed.


Really, government?

If I don't subscribe to the two major parties I'm only unaffiliated? It doesn't matter if I do have an affiliation if it's not to the Dems or the GOP?

I guess one can't go listing every party in existence on the voter registration. Obviously.

But "unaffiliated" feels like lying. And stinks of political marginalization.

Careless use of language, government. Very careless.

Go Bull Moose party?

[EDIT: while I'm ranting, people really need to stop using "socialist" as a buzz word. That's not good enough anymore. This isn't the McCarthy era, and the word "socialist" is not a persuasive buzzword anymore, especially when it's a strawman argument. Darned political vocabulary . . .]


Micah E. said...

While you're ranting, it really bothers me when people use "socialism doesn't work" as an argument. It's like they missed the whole philosophical basis for opposing socialism.

You sure didn't waste any time registering to vote.

Lala said...

its cool moose party btw..not bull...:]

Anonymous said...

So what did you actually register as? I registered as republican and then got mad at myself as I drove I'm stuck having to support the republicans. least maybe it's the lesser of two evils. I still think "Independent" sounds better than "Unaffiliated".

justinwithafro said...

i registered republican just so i was able to vote in the primary

not really a good reason because i dont pick people just for their party