Thursday, October 15, 2009

"The stillness of October cold--"

I'm wearing two shirts, a hoodie, and a jacket and I am still freezing. I've been looking for reasons to do school away from my desk so I can have my computer to warm my lap. Yesterday I stayed wrapped in a quilt the whole day. And since October started I've been going to bed early to seek solace from the cold under the covers. I am just so cold! Once November comes we'll turn the heat on and everything will be hunky dory, but for now my fingers are in a perpetual state of Raynaud's induced whiteness. I need to invest in some hardcore fingerless gloves.

Autumn is speeding away too quickly! The days got too short too quickly, the leaves changed colors too quickly, the temperature inside and out got too cold too quickly. Time has gotten away from me.

And yet this fall is just so different from last fall, I am so different than I was last fall. Different must be a form of good. Learning how to work hard, learning how to cope with stress, learning to let go -- ah, how much letting go must be done before everything's finally gone?! I have more of an iron grip than I thought.

I'm reading again, and it's lovely. Not only is Wuthering Heights a bizarrely wonderful book, but there have been so many surprises on my reading list! The Enchanted Castle is the most charming and intelligent piece of classical children's literature I've read in so long, and everything else I'm dabbling it . . . there are few things lovelier than reading without obligation and a deadline.

Mm, thank you God for books and the cold and October.


Micah E. said...

Real-estate in front of our wood stove is a hard to find commodity these days.

This post sounds a lot like what's happening here, in my head and home.

Michael said...

"I'm reading again, and it's lovely" Haha! yes!

But isn't being warm under your covers such a wonderful feeling that it makes the cold worth it?

Luke said...

I have the same issue with my hands.

Soaking them in very hot water provides some tempory relief.