Sunday, January 17, 2010

Romans 11:36

I think each time we see God's love, we get a little smaller. A little more humbled, a little more repentant, a little more united in our hearts. And I think each time we see God's love we love Him back a little more. A little more obedient, a little more sanctified, a little more overjoyed by our calling. I'm not certain exactly how it works, but His love is compelling.

But sometimes I don't feel loved by God. Intellectually, I know I am. And I know feelings are fleeting, and an inaccurate gauge of reality. But most of the time, I think I assume God's love is there, and I never actually bother to look for it. I think if I bothered to open my eyes and thank Him for the ways He's loved me, I would be astounded. And so I think I might love God more if I bothered to ask every day, where did I see God's love?

I know God loves me because of the cross. But I think I also know God loves me because of the sound of the rain hitting the deck, and my dad's good-night hug, and the freeing feeling of a full tank of gas on the drive home. Those things are wonderful because GOD is wonderful. Praise Habit is one of my favorites of those Christian devotional type books, and I love Crowder's concept of finding God in the little things. Is it silly, or even sacrilegious, that I think of God every time I eat Nutella? I don't think so. To love Him more, and praise Him more, and know Him more.

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.


Siobhan said...

nutella for the glory of God!! ;) good stuff hayley. i take God's love for granted in so often. thanks for the reminder!! i'm gunna go read some Bible now. :)

Art said...

goodness, yes.

This was just what I needed. Tomorrow, I will look for the love of God everywhere. I want to wonder, I want to love and be loved... hmmmm. (thinking, praying)

I'm really glad for commenting to give me a way to talk to you when I'm away.