Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I want you to see me as I am.

But I worry that this is selfish of me.

This is why I like blogging, of course. Because I have a semi-public outlet for my thoughts and feelings and experiences that gives me the safety of a computer screen and the non-presumptuous opportunity to be heard without soliciting people to listen.

I am processing things now, things that happened perhaps a year ago. A year from now I'll be able to process this busy, mind-boggling month. God, sharpen my hindsight to show me sense in these lessons.

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Art said...

I want to see you as you are.

Partly, because it means you let me love you better, and partly, because it means you give me part of yourself, your experiences, and your understanding of truth.

So, I don't think honesty is selfish.