Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why I'd be a hippy if I could, Part 2

My friend Lindsey and I are working through a car search, and she commented to me that a car is one of the most fruitless investments ever: once acquired, a car requires maintenance and gasoline and insurance. Once you get one, you only stop paying for it when it dies.

I would note, at this point, that cars are a pretty good reason to live in the city. As much as Natalie Tran hates public transportation.

Anyway, I feel like so much stuff is like this. A television is the gateway drug to video games and DVDs and cable and digital convertor boxes and a sound system and a furniture unit and a universal remote. It's never just one thing. It's always a slippery slope to more stuff. And that's not inherently bad. But it seems to me a kind of inevitable trap, and that irks me.

And so I think, being a hippy must be ridiculously freeing.

It's just, I see houses and careers and possessions and hobbies, and it all feels very burdensome. Distracting, and, enslaving. Things make me feel trapped. And maybe that's because I'm a teenager and have not lived my listlessness fill, that I'll get this spontaneity streak out of my system after two months on my own, once I realize what it means to have nothing, and that I'll value these "worldly trappings" more once I realize what blessings they truly are. But I'm not at a point where I understand that right now. And so being a hippy sounds foolishly attractive.

Of course, I cannot play guitar. I would be a useless hippy.


Michael said...

I echo your sentiment.

Also, you really would fail as a hippy. Your squirmishness about germs would get in the way ;)

Micah E. said...

Sometimes I wish everybody just practiced subsistence farming. Or at least that I did.

Except that I like stuff. Which I wish I didn't.

Luke said...

If i were to rid myself of all my "stuff" the only way I could live would be to move out to an island in the middle of the ocean were everyone else has just as much as I do- Nothing.