Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too much pop culture for one post

Right now, I like Justin Beiber, okay?

I can say very little for who he shall become, or what he is at his core, I can only speak to my perception of him and who he proports himself to be. But what I see is amusing, and endearing, and harmless. So I like Justin Beiber, okay?

Like what happens with most things, Hannah sent me a link. Hannah loves all things Canada music scene. And what I saw was a hilarious music video of a young white kid with a swishy haircut trying to be gangster, making silly motions at the camera and skateboarding. A few days later, the music video was the iTunes free video of the week, and I took a screencap of the hilarious slew of one-star ratings and comments bearing majescules that said "He sounds like a girl!"

So? Ryan O'Neal or Michael Shephard's range is well into alto and no one cares. Just saying!

Although, with Beiber's voice changing, I guess that's a non-issue. Take THAT, haters!

I guess, I don't really know any of these rapid twelve year old Beiber fans. Outside of having his "One Time" music video, and hearing "One Less Lonely Girl" on the radio occasionally, and watching Dave Days' "Baby" parody, my exposure to Beiber has been minimal. I can't say with any parcel of truth that I enjoy his music, but I will allow, it exponentially beats out the promiscuous crap that floods the stations.

And Beiber is what, sixteen? Maybe he talks about love with words way above his maturity level, but I think his picture of relationships is at least leagues healthier than Rihanna's. Just saying!

He's [or his manager has?] done a great job building a lovable image, he's got an impressive scope of instrumental mastery, and also, the kid had mad moves. There's something to be said for charisma, and it's silly to hate a celebrity just for having it!

It's not that I'm in love with the kid, I'm just saying, on a scale from Taylor Swift to Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber's a Hilary Duff. Except that, yes, he can actually sing. What's that? A pop star with actual talent? Like whoa.

And when he eventually messes up somehow and falls out of public reverence, when he grows up into one of those child stars gone wrong, so be it. For now, eh, I feel defensive for him. Cos for now, I like Justin Beiber, okay?


K-Mac said...


i like this post a lot.
i am glad you posted it.

also, i think i basically agree with you.

Siobhan said...


i like selena gomez.