Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little nothings.

I've been anxious these past few days, to novel? To write about things I know nothing about. A concept that's been growing in my mind these two years. Something to write about so I can understand it. Even just a fraction. I talked with Emily about noveling today. How co-writing a novel works. Hearing about her rich world of setting and story and characters but her struggle to organize the action and put words to her stories. Thinking of my weakness in plot functions but my passion for the big picture. Finding an interesting juxtaposition of skills here. "We need to collaborate some time." -- "Definitely."

On the way home from church today, a song called "Fly, Robin, Fly" came on the radio. My dad revealed that he first heard this song playing during the catwalk of a fashion show he went to. When his friends from college visit, they tell how on blustery days, my dad would walk sideways so as not to mess up his hair. So it is not so hard for me to picture to circumstances leading up to his presence at a fashion show. In other news, Buck ruined the Project Runway finale for me. I'm only on episode eight. I'm not sure I'll be able to carry on.

Last night, we had cherry garcia ice cream. Tonight, we had java chip frappachino ice cream. With my dad's fudge sauce. While watching Kevin Jonas on Minute to Win It. I'm sorry that my family is so typically American. But I kind of love it. Oh! Hah. Oh my soul. We just saw a commercial, a cell phone commercial, where a woman was sending her son on an airplane in a dog carrier, because she couldn't afford a regular ticket. [Because her cell phone bill was so high . . . ?] "Hey, is that a talking dog?!" Media fascinates me. Not enough to stick with my "declared major", though.

Though I rarely feel like I belong to the creative subset my personality supposedly fits with, today I am particularly coveting inspiration. To shake off apathy and allow myself to get caught up in a vision again. Little nothings cannot sustain me. "Without a vision, the people perish."


Michael said...

"Last night, we had cherry garcia ice cream" :)

Today, I sat on the roof of our shed, ate cherry garcia, and read To The Lighthouse. I thought to myself "I'm my gosh, I'm Hayley!"

Art said...


(I like hearing about your life / that novelling partnerships sounds lovely / empathizing with your desire for vision / smiling at Michael's comment)

Lis said...