Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have decreased my carbon footprint by 44 lbs

And now it's time for the part of the show where Hayley advertises something you ought to try.

It's called Swaptree. Have you heard of it?

See, normally I don't like to part with my books. But sometimes I need to make room on my bookshelf. Basically, I was able to get rid of A) my Twilight books, B) two awful adult fiction books, and C) any other lame miscellaneous books in good condition we have floating around. I mean, I was planning on just giving them away, but getting a book in return is so much better.

I've received Cry, the Beloved Country, And Then There Were None, "Henry IV", and A Separate Peace. I also got Eat, Pray, Love in a swap and after finishing it have been subsequently been able to trade it off as well.

It's magical how simple it is. You print the label and stick the book in the mail and get a book back.

So, try it.

Also, you should friend me. Sheepishsmirk.


Micah E. said...

44lbs per what? (It doesn't make any sense without a unit of time.)

Also. I have heard of this, but was always afraid to try it. yay. (and I would have given you Henry IV, I hate it so much)

Hayley said...

44 lbs per when I joined two weeks ago. :shrug: I get the feeling the process for pulling this number out of the air isn't terribly accurate.

You should give me part two, cos I only have part one and I hate cliffhangers.

Art said...

A separate peace! Yes!

This sounds a lot like Paperback Bookswap, or Swap-a-CD. :)