Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On being out-Christian'd

In biology class today I learned some pretty interesting things. Like 80% of the world's species are insects. And that ants haven't evolved in over 250 million years [cough] because they're already perfect. That the equilibrium of the world would be wrecked if bugs ceased to exist. The professor explained how marvelous nature was, he waxed enthusiastically about this incredible cosmos that we try and box out, he was passionate. For nature.

And he doesn't even know the One who made it.

I felt pretty shamed. I mean, I like nature. I like going for walks and playing outside and learning about creation. But I don't get stoked like my biology professor does. I look out the window and see the snowflakes and the ice patches and the evergreen trees and the cloudy sky, and I don't geek out. My appreciation is idle, I have not fully learned to marvel. And yet, how much more stunning is this world when we know the hands of its Creator?

After biology class I managed to drag myself through the cold back to the parking lot, where I was met with the sight of my brown 1999 Nissan Altima behind another brown 1999 Nissan Altima [this time I knew which was which] entirely encased with ice. After prying the door open and cranking the defroster, I set to work with the ice scraper. And was met with serious resistance. It was funny at first, how much ice there was covering my car, but it was so thick the scraper wasn't getting it off, and I considered just letting my car idle the whole night long. I grinned at Bryna: "At least I'm not the only person in this whole parking lot with the same problem!"

And in a moment, three people appeared armed with ice scrapers. "Want some help?" -- "Yes PLEASE!" They must have regretted it the moment they set to work, seeing how impossibly thick the ice was, but they worked alongside me without gloves, until each window had a respectably big opening through which to see. Bryna asked the girl why they were doing this: "You know, it just sucks to see one person trying to scrap off their entire car all by themselves." And when they walked away I was floored. People that nice really ought to be Christians.

You know? I am made so ashamed by these wonderful people! People who don't know my God and still manage to adore his creation, and help others. What am I messing around for? There is a righteous life to be lived.

Parenthetically, today I also learned about the botfly. So that's pretty interesting. Slash gross.


Michael said...

Oh! That's wonderful :) (I am really uplifted by these stories :D)

(It is staggering how much there IS in the world to marvel at and love, it feel s as if no one can love it all, and almost if they did I would be annoyed by their enthusiasm :P)

I had forgotten about botflies, now my creeped-out level is renewed, I appreciate that ;)

Nicole said...

Oh yes! I experience that feeling so often. That thought that "Wow. That person is just so nice. I'm a child of the King, a bearer of the name of Christ. Do I reflect His heart as well as that person just did?"

It makes me want to be a nicer person so that people might see a difference in me and maybe even ask about it so that I can tell them about Jesus. No one wants to listen to a mean Christian.

Jude said...

My Youth minister when I was younger told me the story of how he came to know God. He said that he didn't believe but that he his teacher did, so he acted like he believed in God. He brought a lot of other students to Christ through his tellings of the Bible and the beauty of nature, and when his teacher sat him down and asked if he truly believed, he sat back and thought about it... and said I just know that God exists, does that count? His teacher replied yes. I find it so powerful that even people that don't believe can bring others to the Lord, then why is it that I have so much trouble?
Thoughts to ponder I assume.