Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am a little sad. For no real reason.

Thank you, God. My bed was so warm last night. Thank you that I have a bed, that I share a room with my sisters, that I can sleep feeling safe and warm at night. Thank you that the sun came up this morning, and thank you for making sunrises so beautiful. Thank you that I lived through the night. Thank you that I didn't have any nightmares. Thank you that I got to sleep in this morning, and thank you that Maggie wasn't too mad I insisted on taking a shower. Thank you that I could take a shower, and thank you for making me clean. 

Thank you for the recession, God. Thank you for all the opportunities we have to talk about the hope you give in these hard times, and thank you that you've sustained us even as the economy gets worse. Thank you, God, that we don't know what real hunger is like. Thank you for letting me use your money, and thank you for forgiving me when I don't use it well. Thank you for Pastor Gadoury's sermon on the subject, and for all the people who listened to it and took it to heart. Thank you for communion and that reminder, to thank you, gracious God for sending your Son. Thank you Jesus, that by your wounds we are healed.

Thank your for Ignite, God. Thank you for Michael, for giving him the grace and love to work in youth ministry and for giving him a heart for worship. (Thanks for the rad praise session after the last service, and thank you no one was terrible offended. Thank you for giving us the heart to dance and shout and jump for you.) Thank you for Sue and Mr. Bob and Lynne and Rhonda and all the youth workers, that they show up each Sunday and Thursday and whenever despite their busy schedules and love on teenagers who often take them for granted. Thank you for people, that the Christian walk is communal.

Thank you, God, for lunch. For the microwave to heat it up in, for the table to eat it on, for the family to share it with. Thank you for parents who care what their kids are up to and let them have the preferred leftovers. Thank you for cherry cordial kisses. Thank you for Psych and Gilmore Girls, and for Sarah to watch it with me. Thank you for a computer and internet access and free time to waste. Thank you for forgiving me when I waste time. Thank you for the piano, and thank you for Miss Joy, her encouragement, and her enthusiasm. Thank you for ZOEgirl dance parties and nostalgia. 

Thank you that I have sleep to look forward to tonight, to refresh my body and my mind and my confused heart. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to, thank you for being here in this moment. Thank you, God, for cheering me up, for being faithful even when I'm not, for giving me eternal focus. Thank you for sight and sound and music and food. Thank you for my safe little world, for blessing me in this way, and for reminding me of my role in your story. Thank you for hope and justice and community, and thank you, well, there's too much to thank you for. Thank you for being God, Father, Creator, the Almighty. 

I'm not really sad anymore. Thanks for the refocus, God.

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Michael said...

Thank you for Hayley's smack-in-the-face post.