Monday, June 29, 2009

The feds said, "Lock her in lead, she's red," but I love her.

I'm okay with keeping my favorite music to myself. I live under the paranoid assumption that I am the only person who likes my music, but I also flatter myself with the pretentious assumption that my music taste makes me an individual, considering how varied and manic it is. This, of course, is silly. 

I've recently come in to some awesome music, and you should know about it. 

During Nationals I was sort of dead to the outside world, which was unfortunate for me because Amazon was selling the most recent House of Heroes CD for only $2. For one day only. And naturally I missed that day. (I had missed a similar deal of awesome for the Seabird album the week before. Tragedy abounds.) Luckily, I have the best friends in the world! This is exemplified in this instance through Hannah who anticipated that I would miss it and bought it for me

This CD is win. I generally love House of Heroes, but I was unprepared for the extent of awesome dripping from every single track. Fantastic creative brilliant lyrics and melodies, never mind that instrumentally and vocally this record is solid. We're talking sick guitar riffs. Every single song is well-planned, thoughtful, and poignant. The war theme of the record is also really interesting. And the music is ridiculously catchy. This is jump-off-things-and-make-a-mess music. It walks the line of entertainment and art wonderfully, which is high praise for Christian rock music.

You can download the single "In the Valley of the Dying Sun" free off Amazon here. Do it. 


Micah E. said...

Me likes.

Michael said...

It's done. I like the beat, the guys voice is...fine. Why have you been keeping this band from us for so long? Loser. I like the song still better after reading the lyrics. Hannah is awesome, I must meet her ;) (Am I now obsessed with your music loving friend who I've never met? :P)

Art said...

Nice, I like!

Falling Wings of Glass said...

I love Seabird! Their album (as of now, their only album) is simply superb. I have almost all of it (minus 4 songs). I'm kind of upset, too, because the House of Heroes download didn't work for me.