Friday, June 12, 2009

Stalker is a word of insecurity.

We are all equally insecure. Even the people who aren't insecure, are. Even people who think that they aren't insecure, are. And the people who think they're ridiculously insecure, are only just as insecure as everyone else.


Security in human perception is worthless. 


The only security we need we already have in Christ.


Love with abandon. 


Art said...


It's interesting though- it makes more sense to me to organize the points the other way around. Christ is our only security, so we can't put our security in our changeable selves, so we are all equally insecure.

Regardless, the ultimate impact is the same. Love, love with abandon. Indeed.

Michael said...

I disagree, some people are more secure than others. That security may be in Christ, but it is nonetheless security.

Hayley said...

Rebecca, that definitely makes more heavenly sense. I was going for an "our perspective, the readjustment of that perspective, and the response" when I was thinking about it, but how much more sense it makes to go straight from the truth of how God sees things!

Michael, how do you know? [If I understand what you're saying correctly, I would clarify that we are not necessarily equal in the amount of our insecurity, but in the scope and reality of our insecurity.]

Kaitlyn said...


Micah E. said...

Eh... either I don't understand, or I disagree. Or I disagree with a misunderstanding.

Christ is a security we have, the knowledge of salvation a salvation from insecurity. We all have need of the same security, but those saved possess it.

Kay said...

Okay, Hayley, I just love this post. I don't have anything deep to say about it, just thanks for posting it.

And, I super can't wait to see all of you really soon!

Anonymous said...

I once read a quotation that said, "Stalkers used to be called secret admirers." Only has to do with your title, but I thought it was funny anyway.
To relate to your post, it really makes a difference when you have the perspective that everyone else is feeling some type of insecurity, doesn't it?