Sunday, June 21, 2009

"You and I are too happy."

I want to just pat you all on the head and beam ridiculously with pride at your acquaintance. I'm brimming with affection towards you and your face and the world. 

And also, I spent the past three hours singing along with my favorite worship music (with some Relient K and Switchfoot mixed in) blasting as rain pelted our car.

Who even needs an artificial high?


Micah E. said...

I love being an addict.

Shattered Shards said...

I am a little bit confused by this post Hayley. What exactly are you trying to say?? Hmmm mabye I'm just tired. ;)

Luke said...

I agree, the emotional lift music provides is better than any drug induced "artificial high." Because of this, I believe we need to use caution and discernment in deciding what music we choose to influence us.