Friday, August 7, 2009

All will be lost, all will be well. All will be loved when living is hell.

I have an intense method of initiating new music into my iTunes library. Each new group of music gets an initial listen-through for the sake of my play count (I don't like zeros), then later a closer listen-through while I read the lyrics. And then I sit and listen to the CD a couple times in a row, so I can get familiar with each song. This, of course, is ideally. It never happens in real life. As a result, there is a massive chunk of unanalyzed music in my iTunes library, and it drives me insane. However, when my computer crashed, I was given a clean slate. This means I have music to share with you.

A lot of music can be considered entertainment. But I think Sleeping At Last's Keep No Score can be considered art.

I know this is a wonderful CD because it's impossible for me to pick a favorite, or even a handful of favorites. And I'm sure it'll take a while before I can pick a song that I like less than all the others -- they're all that good. Melodically ingenuitive, lyrically poetic and inspiring, and I liked the vocals far better than I thought I would! The songs build, starting off mellow and coming to a musical and lyrical climax, then returning to the feeling posed at the start of the song, and in an instant you see how it all fits together!

The lyrics really sell the songs, though. Spectacular word pictures and heart-breaking metaphors give the album an interesting depth. Each track gives you something to think about. And yet, despite the dark motifs, the songs generally have a positive message. And the mellow musicality of the album means it's also easy listening - perfect background music, especially rainy days.

And I know it doesn't make an excessive difference, but they have the coolest band website I have ever seen. You can download a free three-song sample of their album Keep No Score on Noise Trade.


Lala said...

can you post a link to the free sample songs? i cant seem to access themm! :(

Hayley said...

I tried to find a link, but the website layout won't jive with it. Under most popular albums [via the main Noise Trade page] it's like the third or forth page of albums. The album cover has umbrellas and elephants on it, it's really colorful.

Or, I could refer you. ;P

Micah E. said...

Downloading (I'm too lazy to go get my headphones so I can actually listen to it before telling you what I think.) (even though it feels pretentious to assume that you care what I think) (even though that seems like false humility) (even though that was) (even if I'm analyzing this too much)

Oh yeah, and that _is_ the coolest website ever. Every artist should have the lyrics on there... and amazing artwork.