Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Though we're strangers still I love you"

Tell me things.

Tell me your name.

Tell me your nationality.

Tell me your nicknames when you were a kid.

Tell me where you got that backpack and how much it was, and was it easy to rig the suitcase handle when everyone else thought it was beyond repair?

Tell me about your husband.

Tell me your health issues, and about that time you went to the hospital, tell me about your first baby, your daughter, how is she?

Tell me if you want more soda or not. Shower gel? An extra blanket?

Tell me your favorite color.

Tell me where you're from.

Tell me what makes you tick, what makes you cry, tell me when to take you seriously.

Tell me, tell me your heart: it's what mine is aching to hear. And I will thank you, thank you for blessing me.


Lis said...

... =)

Art said...

Hayley, I would write you a book, if I could let myself.