Friday, April 30, 2010

Ivan Ilyich lived a lie

Do you know how fast an hour passes? How you barely touch ten minutes? Do you know where the time goes: do you grasp it, do you count it? Too much time for waiting, too little time for doing.

What is this brief sojourn? A moment spent anxiously glancing at our watches, anticipating His arrival, anticipating relief. A lifetime spent learning and doing, choosing every day where our treasure is.

If living is waiting then living is wearying. If living is learning then living is overwhelming. If living is doing then we're all doing just fine. If living is choosing then may we choose that which is life indeed.

What is this life? One part contented waiting, one part vivacious working, we bide our time with "Your kingdom coming" -- we know this means "now" as much as "soon." Take hold of that which is truly life!

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