Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 Peter 1:13

I heard the greatest verse in Sunday school this morning.

Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.

Prepare your minds for action. Wow. I've read 1st Peter so many times and I still had no idea the Bible even said that. Prepare your minds for action. God knows what a disconnect we suffer, between thinking and knowing, and living and doing.

Be self-controlled. I see this popping up not just in my devotions, but nearly literally everywhere. This is one of those lesser fruits of the spirit; people get all pumped about love and joy, but I'm realizing that self-control is the essence of life full and free.

Set your hope on grace. I don't know why I keep waiting for God to rain fire down on my head. I suppose my guilt keeps wishing He would. But I have hope for sanctification because of grace, because of Jesus I will be given so much that I don't deserve.

I'm leaving this Saturday for a missions trip to New York, and oh, regardless of how selfish and presumptuous of me it is, I so covet your prayers. I'm so weak, and that's so wonderful. But I don't want to forget that God is my strength. I don't want to get washed away in a torrent of stubbornness, laziness, and fear. I want to prepare my mind for action, be self-controlled, and set my hope on grace. I am just so nervous.

So, pray for me? Pray for the team, these fifteen people I love so dearly, that we will find way to bless our host church and encourage the YWAM team and serve in God-honoring unity? Pray for the people we'll encounter, that their souls will be softened and their needs will be met and their hearts will be healed? Pray that we would have holy boldness, the mind of Christ, and hearts of service? Intercede for your brothers and sisters? ["You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." . . .]

It's just a short, small, insignificant missions trip. But I am expectant, to see God move in powerful ways.


Caitriona aka Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing here on your blog. You are an inspiration as you continue to grow and struggle through the growing pains. You are not alone.
No deed done in the Name of Jesus Christ is insignificant. Remember Hayley that it is He that sends you and to obey is better than sacrifice. And you are in my prayers.

Lala said...

This reminds me of youthworks last year. Remember how our youth group blessed the team so much by doing things we were not asked to do? They were so encouraged! Remember that as you go to NY :)