Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Psalm 18

As I'm starting to consider my packing list for Nationals, I've begun to ponder the unspoken rule of the day after breaks.

And by unspoken, I mean there are probably only ten people who consciously ascribe to this rule, but mostly everyone does it anyway.

On the Thursday of Nationals, it's just polite to dress down a little.

While keeping competition attire, of course. But, as a little courtesy to those who have trouble remembering every single name called or not called at that chaotic breaks banquet [read: basically everyone who lacks a photographic memory] dressing down provides a non-verbal indicator that averts a lot of awkward conversations. And I mention this because I love when communities organize themselves innately into these unspoken courtesies. Sociology is COOL!

I've been ruminating in Psalm 18 for a few weeks now. I don't know if this is devotional laziness, but, I like it.

So this morning Cindi said, "Work is, oh you know, that thing we do, that makes us feel good and gets us inspired."

I was somewhat shocked. Work? Fulfilling? Hogwash. I mean, certain jobs can be meaningful certainly, but surely work for work's sake isn't fulfilling . . . I'm interested now to find that this was my initial gut reaction, because the more I think about it the more I think she's right, if we do our work for the Lord. And in this I've been blessed with a new way to learn of God's peace and provision. Did you know He actually gives strength when you need it, that He actually lifts tired spirits and alleviates anxiety? I believed it but didn't love Him for it, until I was blessed with an opportunity to lean on Him. Because, I've been working, babysitting, and for some reason it's been stressing me out. But every time I ask Him, the anxiety melts away. It's a small thing to thank Him for, but I'll choke on the goodness if I keep it to myself.

Also, it being June and all, Amazon has their new 100 at $5 list, and I begin my monthly battle of resisting the purchase of CDs I don't have but kind of feel I ought to have. [Though I stand by the money spent on Needtobreathe's The Outsiders because I LOVE IT.] [I don't think you would, though, so no need to check it out. Unless you want to. But it's back to being full-price on Amazon, so . . .]

For who is God, but the LORD?
And who is a rock, except our God,
The God who girds me with strength
And makes my way blameless?


Luke said...

Hayley....don't worry about thursdays'll be in competition attire. lol =P

Kay said...

"I've been ruminating in Psalm 18 for a few weeks now. I don't know if this is devotional laziness, but, I like it."

really?? me too!!! :) i know just what you mean.

also, i am praying for all of you at nats and love you very much. yep.