Monday, March 23, 2009

I love Trader Joe's

Once upon a time, Rhode Islanders lived in grocery store darkness. We were slaves to our local markets, in bondage to Seabra and Dave's and Confreda's and Stop-n-Shop, giving faithful servitude to the high prices and lack of variety. The advent of a Whole Foods Market did little to liberate us. And then one day . . . Trader Joe's came to town. 

They have an entire aisle dedicated to exotic, organic, cheap chocolate. I'm just sayin'! Talk about liberation! We don't go very often, and some how I always get left out of these shopping trips to Trader Joe's (probably because I would buy the whole store), but this is a testament to how much my siblings love me. Last time, they brought home cranberry green tea and pomegranate green tea.

If you do not suddenly understand the awesome dripping from these two beverages, I am sad for you. First of all, while I've grown to be more of a black tea kind of person, there will always be a special place in my heart for green tea. The mild but pointed flavor pairs so well with fruity tastes, and is super versatile. The cranberry green tea is really better chilled, in my opinion, but it smells incredible when it's hot. And the pomegranate green tea concoction is comparable to liquid happiness. I am anticipating much sadness when these drinks are gone.

Plus, I don't need to mention that the antioxidants and no-sugar-added mean these drinks are like the elixir of life for one's immune system. (You can only drink so much Emergen-C and Airborne during tournament season before you begin to hate life.) It's like Vitamin Water, only not actually bad for you! Trader Joe's rocks my face off.

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K-Mac said...

way to come down on Vitamin Water at the close there, Hayley.

and the phrase "at the close" will forever remind me of Harry Potter.

Plus, I am not a fan of Trader Joes. It kinda scares me with it's insane uniqueness.