Monday, March 16, 2009

Wisdom, wisdom! Trial and error. Stooping falling seeking, sometimes finding. And oh how precious a find, and we store it in our hearts and minds, each little precious bit of wisdom, accumulating eventually shining bright enough to reveal a little more and a little more of the picture.

But for now I sit here, thinking, wishing, waiting for a bolt of wisdom to zap my heart. What do I do, how do I say it, should it be said at all? Decisions, decisions, don't have to tell me twice that a choice no matter how small can lead to big big things. That a look can crush a mood, or a fumble can lose the game. 

But I can't sit here, waiting indefinitely, waiting for my bolt of wisdom, hoping to put off the inevitable decisions. Because waiting is a decision. Because waiting does as much harm as acting foolish. Because waiting is the worst kind of action that only gets you expired due dates. 

Ah, silly melancholy, thinking and questioning and wondering when you've been given the answer. It's right there in front of you! But do you have the guts to trust it? Will you believe that this is the right thing done the right way and walk in it, or will you continue to lean on your own understanding, regarding your doubts as prudence? 

To think yet act, always trusting. This is the race.

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