Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April showers

Yay, April! That means crocuses and forsythia and daffodils. That means lots of drizzly days. That means April vacation. That means national poetry appreciation, autism awareness, donate life month. That means my very favorite holiday. But apparently it also means there's no end to the tournament madness. I thought March was the crazy month, with three tournaments to battle through. But there are still three more to go. Which makes me happy, but also makes me sad. And tired. And after that madness is over, I have one month to finish school for the year.


Yay April! And I can only find the heart to say that now because the rain is pounding down on the deck outside with window near my head, and everything is a muted shade of green or blue or gray or brown. It's all very comforting. March was the month of the great thaw. April is the month of the great growing. And I like winter, I do very much, and I've always thought spring was a little overrated, but it's heartening to be in the in-between. In-between winter and summer, in-between the start and the end, in-between hibernation and energy. Awakening.

Yay April!

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