Sunday, April 5, 2009

Car Rides

In the car is a unique experience. We're all in our little enclosures, ignorant of the people mere feet away. Talking animatedly, attempting to sleep, or rocking out to KJ-52. But when you glance out the window, you see so much more.

Scenery, rolling hills, buildings, bridges, all with the backdrop of the setting sun. "You know what the shoes on the power lines mean?" Graffiti, grass. "Is that the Empire State Building?" Reading, roadkill.

The poetry was less in the landscape, but in the people whizzing by. Because are the people more than part of the landscape? The blonde tween with her chin propped up on her hand, gazing absent-mindedly at the landscape. The shaggy-haired college student juggling a cellphone with the steering wheel, frowning as he swerves. The old man sitting solidly in the back seat, staring straight ahead expressionlessly. The couple peering down at the cars from the overpass.

People I couldn't even begin to speculate about, people reminding me that we are all so different and all so very much the same. Making me wish I could know everyone in the world.

Singing Keith Green songs after listening to missionary stories. Discussing theology and disagreeing civilly. Marveling at God's wonder. From the safety of our little enclosure whizzing through cities and farmlands? Learning, thinking, laughing, reflecting.

I think I like car rides.


Art said...

I think I like your face.

Micah E. said...

The ability to sleep in cars is a blessing and a curse. I catch up on sleep, but I miss out on poetry.

K-Mac said...

I think I like your face.

K-Mac said...

To be honest, I did really find this post enjoyable & empathize with it.

But, that was just too perfect, and Rebecca went out on a limb, so I had to follow suit ;)