Friday, May 15, 2009

Jesus loves you

Oh, how we can say it so flippantly. It's the center-fold of smiley coloring pages and featured on cartoon-y refrigerator magnets. It's a casual parting salutation and occasionally a witty rejoinder. It's a phrase just thrown out there for good measure, and to hell with reverence.

Except do we even know.

That love is spilled blood and broken body? That love is suffering? That love is battling darkness and brokenness and hopelessness? 

Except do we even see.

That love is serious commitment? That love is serious obedience? That love is dedication to servitude and sacrifice and sanctification?

Except do we even realize.

That love washed our crud away? That love triumphed over death? That love died and rose and lives and is preparing a place for those who believe that?

Except do we even understand.

How can we say it so lightly -- Jesus loves you -- when it is possibly the most true and transforming statement the world has ever known? Do we understand the gravity of those words -- Jesus loves you -- that they can change everything?

And yet we are forgiven. Even for this. Because Jesus loves us. 


Art said...


Micah E. said...

Mmm, hence why I feel that the song really doesn't do it justice. Doesn't even come close. Didn't even try.

Michael said...

this makes me feel very small and childish. Like when I'd put on my dad's jacket and shoes when I was three. I dare to try to love others? Is our sad attempts to love as he does mockery's of themselves or are they steps to sanctification? A little of both?