Monday, May 18, 2009

News flash!

For the first time in a long time, I copied Michael without feeling bad about it. I feel self-actualized now. Oh yes, new layout!

But like all layouts, this one is not without it's flaws . . . or major problems. If y'all are any good with coding, I need assistance. I've fiddled with the HTML a little, but the footer is doing wacky things and my precious editing pencil symbol is gone. Help?

[This is where I return to the noveling I am not procrastinating on!]


Michael said...

Why would you ever feel bad about copying me? Is this your fault? or is this something I did. "I don't know who to blame"

(note: anything after the first sentence is meant solely as a set up for a Frezned reference)

I like it, by the way.

Micah E. said...

I was going to comment about how I couldn't comment... but I couldn't.

Nice new template.