Friday, May 22, 2009

Waiting for this cough syrup to come down

There is a fly buzzing around my head. Every so often he gets tired of bothering me, and buzzes off in the direction of the window, where he bumps against the glass pane. 

The happy, quiet, mellow background sound of Josh Woodward is coming from my tiny laptop speakers. A brilliant and poetic lyricist, but better than that his music is free. 

I'm fingering my little moleskine notebook, and there's a grease mark on the front and I don't know where it came from. There's also a rip in one of the pages. 

I can't focus long enough to have a train of thought, can't sit still long enough to get anything done, just letting my mind wander until something useful comes. 

The blacktop pavement is wonderfully warm, accompanied by the sneezes from the crumbly pollen littering the driveway. How tolerable spring is, eh?


Art said...

"I can't focus long enough to have a train of thought, can't sit still long enough to get anything done."

And here I am, banging my head against pacifism for hours on end. I need to be distracted by metaphysics, but I can't let go.

Where did you get Josh Woodward's music? Is this one of those free iTunes downloads?


Hayley said...

Ah, wanna trade?! Researching/briefing metaphysics has been more interesting than I was anticipating, but I keep getting distracted.

It's free on his website ( but I got his music off Jamendo ( and iLike ( And speaking of iTunes free downloads, they have an awesome 20 song download of world music, and it's so interesting!

Michael said...

One of those days hu?

I have not researched metaphysics at all. I feel kind of bad, but perhaps not as much or as little as I should. I'm not sure :P

"banging my head against pacifism"
Irony strikes again.

"When one man speaks to someone who does not understand him, and when the first ceases to understand, we have metaphysics" -Voltaire

Art said...

"I have not researched metaphysics at all."

The only research I did was finding out that I don't think I agree with metaphysical pragmatism. Bleh.

Hayley- I am not a fan of Josh Woodward. I'm rather annoyed that he takes God's name in vain in one of his songs. But I don't want to delete the CD I downloaded prematurely, so can you give me a redeeming reason to listen?

Hayley said...

Which CD did you download? I've only listened to The Simple Life extensively and bits of Only Whispering (I downloaded four albums, but I haven't moved on to the other three yet) but there's nothing of that sort.

I can't convince you to listen more, though. I just really like him, his sound is the best blend of all my favorite music styles and it's very lyrically intelligent. And I appreciate his approach to music. I can see why other people might not like it.

Art said...

I downloaded "Dirty Wings" but was looking up lyrics before I listened to the whole thing.

This song is actually not on the CD. So, I don't know.