Saturday, September 19, 2009

I guess I have no problem with propaganda

Darn that evil media - it feeds us propaganda, and we just eat it up. Those who have been misled by the media are numbered well into the millions, perhaps even the billions. The media is a thriving but conniving industry that won't stop until we've all been conquered!

Now that's just silly.

I was reading an article today about the source of poor self-esteem for a rapidly growing generation is the media. The media is telling us we have to be thin to be pretty or that we have to be reckless to be macho or that we're just not good enough, not half as good as the people on TV or in the magazines. Down with the evil media for making us believe such lies!

Now that's just silly.

When had the TV grabbed someone by the shoulders and forced them to believe something? When has a magazine threatened to burn one's house down if one didn't prescribe to it's beliefs on beauty? Never. The media can't make anyone do anything. It's we who decide what we believe. We make up the media. It's not us versus them. To change the media's message we need to change ours.

It's silly to rant against something we think we can't control. It's even sillier to rant against something we can change without changing it. "The media" is not a collection of people united to destroy truth. "The media" is made up of individuals out to make a buck.

Time for a renewed perspective.


Lis said...

I get to talk on that subject in.... 5 minutes

Michael said...

All the media really does is reflect the culture. Reflect you.

Luke said...

The problem with society and the media is that people at large have stopped thinking for themselves and have allowed the people in the media to do their thinking for them. Rather than form their own opinions on matters, they rely on the media to dictate their opinions to them.

In my opinion, though the media is a reflection of the culture to an extent, the media influences the culture more than it reflects it.

Do you follow?