Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Today I realized that the word OK is a sideways stick person."

This was not a fun past week. And it looks like I'm not out of the woods just yet. But some silly things that keep me afloat . . .

ToneMatrix has managed to keep me amused for extended periods of time, which, if you are familiar with my short attention span, is remarkable. It's also great loop background noise for when I'm writing essays and things. The lights, the noises, RAWR!

• The conversations my family has at the dinner table. I suspect we're one of those families that is ridiculously hilarious . . . to themselves, and themselves only. I don't care, it must aid the digestion, all the laughing we do during supper. "In Soviet Russia, bacon is a vegetable!"

• I am a huge fan of short, pointless, and amusing stories. So, why did no one tell me about MLIA?! I laughed audibly and repeatedly for forty minutes last night, it was lovely.

• Going to the childrens section of my library and coming out with a stack of books that I am both too old and too busy to be reading. Did you know Margaret Peterson Haddix has a new book? Did you know how awesome Margaret Peterson Haddix is, or did you miss that period of your tweenhood?

Ampere's Law by Broadside Electric, a song I discovered by pure happenstance. I was looking up the lyrics to obscure indie bands, when I noticed the wallpaper of the site was sheet music. Sheet music for this song. It's catchy, it gets stuck in my head, I like it, and maybe it'll help me with physics. Maybe.

• Being told by the father of the little girl I babysit, "Are you a vegetarian? I have you pegged for the vegan type. You love tofu, I can just tell." And when figuring out when they'd need me again, he said, "We'll just email you. Except, you vegans probably only communicate through snail mail." I told him that would hurt the trees.

We are blessed to live life, eh? Every stupid little thing that makes me all glowy with happiness inside, I even dare to think I'm entitled to this amusement, but especially the stupid little things are straight-up blessings. Talk about finding meaning. My life is so exciting!


Luke said...
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Art said...

:grins: (that's really all I can say... happy little things are just wonderful)

Michael said...

I won't mention that you don't spell ok like that :P

This is delightful :)

Micah E. said...

Thank you for bring MLIA to my attention. It has renewed my firm belief that ordinary people are absolutely hilarious.

(also, this was really just an excuse to say that I'm happy you're happy and I can't wait until tomorrow.)

Kaitlyn said...


Amusement, ftw!