Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maybe, I watch too much Top Chef

"What do you want to do?" my mom is always asking me, as she tries to help me pick a direction for college. In truth, I want to be a food critic. It would be the most awesome job in the world! I love food. And, I mean, forget NaNoWriMo -- accurately and concisely describing something as allusive as texture and flavor with precision, there is a delicious challenge.

But, I mean, no, that's stupid. I lack the skill set to be a food critic, I don't have the aggressive quality necessary to have a career in journalism, and I'd never be able to master the culinary knowledge to be a good food critic. Further, it's not a very fulfilling job. I'd be severely depressed if I ate food and wrote what I thought about it for a living, just thinking about all the people who don't have food to eat at all, just thinking about the frivolous nature of this work. I don't really want to be a food critic.

Still, I read articles about Gail Simmons and think, "I want to be her." Or Katie White. Or Hayley Williams. Or Sasha Cohen. Okay, whatever!

When I was younger, I wanted to be a detective. That's what I told the doctor at each yearly check up when he inquired as to my professional goals. I wrote and cracked codes, I had a spy kit, I was obsessed with logic puzzles, I read tons of Nancy Drew and Cam Jensen and Encyclopedia Brown novels. I had a passion in life! I still have a vague adoration for aviators and fedoras and trench coats, but as a mostly oblivious person who is awful under pressure ["we're cracking, can't we give ourselves one more chance"] and who cries at crime shows, I'm pretty sure I can't be a detective when I grow up. I don't really want to be a detective. I don't really want to be a food critic.

But the idea is intoxicating, right? I've bought into the land of opportunity propaganda, that my career can extend as far as my ambition, that I can do whatever I want to do if I have the passion to make it happen. Fantastic. And then I wonder, food critic is the highest thing I aspire to? I need to re-prioritize. I need a reality check.

But, I want to suspend reality for a little while. I want to be a food critic.


Michael said...

"I wrote and cracked codes" *nerd fighters*

Story of my life of an indecisive P.

the word verification is "crairo" maybe you're supposed to be a crayon illustrator.

Hayley said...

My train of thought there was "Crayon illustrator, crayon colors, crayon color NAMER!"

And now I'm really excited about this new career option.

Michael said...

Hayley, you need professional help.

Word verification: antsol. don't now.

Art said...

You have so many delightful ambitions! :)

As for antsol, I think that's hinting that you should either be a counselor for ants, and solve their problems, or invent a solution of ant-juice. Ew!