Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've been thinking about so many things lately! Vegetarianism, and psychopathy, and evangelism, and missions, and languages, and music, and the Holy Spirit, and the church, and how awesome Inception is . . . [honorable mentions for How to Train Your Dragon and the Psych premire, which didn't get their deserved recognition from me due to falling in Inception's shadow.]

This past week I was weaned from my computer, if only marginally. I think I cut my average time on the computer in half. Which meant decreased chat socialization, but also less time spent inhaling episode after episode of any inane television show. I don't know, for the first time in a long time I've found the internet to be boring. And I feel intellectually healthier. Hopefully I can keep this streak going?

It was a good past week. Hang time with friends, driving around in the dark, weeding with a vengeance, organizing and throwing things out and tidying, reminiscing, wonderful conversations, swimming in pools! I still hate summer, but, it does have its advantages.

Hard work feels so good. Physically it feels terrible. I couldn't walk properly for two days. But emotionally I was in dire need of some hard work. There's hope for my character, if only marginal hope.

You know that comic strip Foxtrot? I miss it. I was never a huge comic person, but I really liked that one.

The car search rages on, and I feel keenly my inadequacy in this area. I'm itching to buy a book called "Auto Mechanics for Dummies" or "How to Fix Your Car" or anything that will decrease my ignorance as to what goes on under the hood. ["This Boy" just came up on party shuffle. I'm amused. I do, I want a car.] Mostly I am distressed that the whole car purchasing process is so complicated, partly because I feel as though it doesn't have to be complicated, I just make it so, like I do with most things.

My iPod earbuds are falling apart a year after purchase. My old ones had been going three years strong until I "lost" them, and so I want to know, why was Apple's earbud design change for the worse?

I ate a veggie burger for supper in preparation for some Year of Questions video research, and it was kind of, um, stereotypically mushy and gross. Either, there is no end to my hypocrisy in this area, or, if one must make veggie burgers they ought not be of the frozen variety.

I looked through my box of random paper memories yesterday and felt decidedly unsentimental when I realized that half the scraps and booklets help no emotional value and were only random things I thought I ought to save but could no longer remember why.

I am optimistic today, trying to remind myself that this is what contentment feels like.


Michael said...

Dude, I went to In-n-out yesterday! Be jealous, girl!

This blog post was refreshingly Hayley. I've missed you.

Lala said...

Minimalism FTW. Just sayin :D