Friday, July 30, 2010

"Say what you need to say."


I have to get up early tomorrow. Like I have been for the past two weeks. How is this happening? I'm not babysitting anymore. It's not tournament season. Why the early rising?!

No really, I love it.

But anyway. I have to get up early tomorrow. And so I am scolding myself for indulging in that forty-five minute Hulu sidetrack when I should have gone straight to bed, and I'm wrestling with my, what Malcolm Gladwell would say is a problem with my ventromedial prefrontal cortex, in deciding to haul my limp body off the couch and upstairs into bed.

But not without first casting a line into the universe. Hello, hello.

I've existed in my own little world for a week, a world of VBS and piggyback rides and chores and cupcakes. And before that, a world of "staycations" and visitors and bike rides and museums. I am glad to be occupied. But I can't help but reel with the slightest bit of vertigo. Where am I standing? I thought it was right here!

So, speaking of Blink, did you know some director dude is making it into a Leonardo Dicaprio movie? I think this is a very bad idea. Also, way to steal Lie to Me's gimmick! Blink is an intriguing book, not bad for nonfiction. I'm not saying to go read it, but I am saying that if you do chance to read it, it probably won't bore you.

Oh, I want to work in a book store. I know, retail is a miserable thing to work in, I've heard the horror stories, but there's just something about showing someone around a bookstore . . . !

I apologize for this insubstantial one-way communication.

Never mind.

Psst. Jeremiah is awesome!


Michael said...

Heh, you have to get up early tomorrow?! (4:15 yo! No, seriously. I have to work tomorrow, sympathy yo.)

"No really, I love it." Oh, how I long to be a morning person!

Thanks for this one sided conversation :)

Hayley said...

You always win these "who has to get up earlier" comparisons. :P

[your job always makes me feel the teensiest bit miserable on your behalf.]

Caitriona aka Catherine said...

I think showing someone around a bookstore sounds wonderful and you get to shine your light before men that they may see your good deeds(the ones that come from the heart) and praise your Father in Heaven.
The other thing about retail is the "regulars" they will not just make you mad, they will make you laugh, cry and smile. Mostly, smile if you don't let them get to you. You may even grow to love some of them. Just my take. you and Michael beat on the up early business.....who do you think wakes M us at that Godly hour?