Saturday, July 24, 2010

It was all left left right left right

Today, Sarah said,

"It bothers me that you don't always follow the driving rules. But I think that's because I'm a J. Because you're a safe driver. I never feel nervous driving with you."

This is partly only a comparative compliment, because our mom drives kind of, crazy. I'm not trying to slander her, it's just a fact. Sometimes she gets a little aggressive. I've picked up her bad habit of crabbing at the car in front of me. She's a safe driver, but sometimes I feel like I am in a movie car chase when she's behind the wheel. It's exciting. And somewhat frightening.

It meant a lot when Sarah said that, because she doesn't give idle compliments.

Though I'm not sure her trust is justified, because I must say I meet the stereotype of women drivers. I don't react well in high stress situations, unless I accidentally cut someone off or pull out in front of them, in which case I feel mildly guilty and am mostly oblivious. I hate that I perpetrate the stereotype, but I can't help it.

I've been really distressed to discover the inherent limitations of my gender. My nutrition book is explaining the metabolic differences between men and women, and I just think it's so unfair that guys have more natural upper-body strength. Even if he doesn't lift anything heavier than a remote control on a regular basis, a guy will still have greater muscle mass in his arms than most girls. Unless you're like, Jillian.

It doesn't make sense. Because if the woman's biological function is the care of children, why do we not have the upper body strength to hold them? Babies are heavy, yo! I'm just saying.

It's also unfair, because this means that with higher gross muscle mass men have a higher caloric intake requirement. Which means they get to eat more to service their inherent muscle. Lame. What do women get? Higher risk of osteoporosis and anemia!

Not that my nutrition book is sexist or anything, only factual. In other news, nutrition is pretty interesting. That's all.


Michael said...

"Unless you're like, Jillian.". Hayley, you're awesome.

Liz said...

"Babies are heavy, yo! I'm just saying."

*smiles at the recollection of Hayley with a certain "baby" yesterday* :P