Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm hooked. I've got a serious problem. The three hour gap I have on Tuesday/Thursdays is usually spent in this one coffee shop on campus, mostly because it's closer than the library and cozier than the student center. I don't usually buy anything, but this one Tuesday two weeks ago I had a coupon for a free coffee with a dollar purchase. I got me a bagel and a coffee. The coffee met my expectations: kind of weak, nothing special, definitely watery. But the bagel? Oh my soul. Divinity. The following Thursday I got another one. Just as a treat. Why not? It was only two fifty . . .

Now, two weeks later, I've had four bagels. That's $10 in two weeks.

This is so out of character for me, since I don't really like breakfast, and I don't really like spending money, and I am definitely resolutely against buying things out of habit. But oh, I can't help it! I have to say, those bagels were definitely worth the cash.

Okay, listen. Multigrain bagel. Toasted. It's got this sticky salty glaze on the outside, it's the best. Then, raisin walnut cream cheese. It's creamy and sweet, but also chewy and crunchy . . . a nice even and thick layer of this stuff on the bagel, they match each other perfectly. This is a full sensory experience, folks!

The thing is, I can't really afford to spend $5 a week on bagels. There are five more weeks left in the semester. That's probably $40 in bagels if I keep this up until the semester ends. You know what I could get with $40? A tank of gas. A new pair of shoes. A textbook rental. Groceries. A cellphone payment. A fraction of tuition/missions trip financing/insurance payment money.

Why am I so irresponsible?!

Still, you guys, best bagel ever. A bagel worth blogging about! I can't really eat any other bagels anywhere else, because there's just no way for it to be as good. Waste of calories.

Happy Thursday.


Nicole said...

Oh yes. The "cheap" comforting habit that ends up costing bookoo (booku?) bucks in the end. Gosh, I hate those habits. But that bagel sounds great. :)

Luke said...
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Michael said...

Yes, it is totally unlike you to buy things out of habit. On the other hand, it is absolutely like you to be so enamored with food! It's endearingly hilarious!

You have very much brightened my Thursday afternoon with your good/mis fortune! :)

L.E. Fiore said...

HAYLEY! Me too! But not bagels. I've been hooked on these AMAZING protein drinks- Naked? Blueberry! Acai! Pomegranate! AH! And they're... like... $3.37. :-P Yeah. My excuse is that they're good for me. ;-)