Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bonding moment in the library

I was sitting with Kyle, working on philosophy, thinking about whether the many were capable of the greatest evil, and if that necessitated them also being capable of the greatest good. Just a few seats over sat a girl on her Macbook, earbuds in, music blasting.

I have no idea, really, how long she was sitting there with her music on. I was in my own little world. All I know is, I came up for air out of my reverie and noticed, that music was really loud. I could hear all the lyrics! I wondered out-loud with true curiosity, "I think that music might be making her deaf."

To this Kyle remarked, "She's probably already deaf if the music's that loud!" The girl sitting across from her looked up from her homework. "It's getting kind of annoying actually." I had to agree. "I don't really even like this song." The three of us laughed and exchanged smiles, "It's not like she can even actually hear any of this!"

And then the girl with the music blasting from her ear buds blushed, and turned her music off, and we sat staring at our papers, exuding nonchalance, trying to subdue our laughter.

I always have good times with strangers here in the library.

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