Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do they see Jesus in me?

Do you love Jesus? Do you? Do you really love Him? Then prove it.

Prove it not just by what you say, not just by who believers far-off think you are, not just by an image or perception. Prove it not just in that worship service, or on that missions trip, or at that conference. Don't just prove it when it's easy. Prove it not just in the checklist, not just in the clothes you where or the people you associate with, not just in the catalogue of the Christian image. Prove in a way that strikes cold and hard and true. Prove it sincerely.

Give evidence. Give testimony. (Be changed.)

Pray for your pastors. Encourage your brothers and sisters. Speak up for those who have no voice. Attend to the small stuff. Remember the forgotten. Practice faithfulness in every sphere of life. Sacrifice. Suffer. See past the sin to the sinner's beautiful soul. Be long-suffering, patient in God's ways and God's plan. Love the Church, love the lost, love your enemies.

Love Jesus through the power He gives in loving us.

You know what these skeptics say, these people who think we're crazy, who think we're so painfully naive. They say that there is no proof that Jesus was Lord and Savior. (Does he really change anyone?)

Prove them wrong. Prove them wrong by how you speak and act and love. And when you fail? For the hypocrite who comes home and for the haughty who are humbled, there is forever grace, that we may love Him still more.

Simply to the Cross I cling.


Nicole said...

This is so hard and so rewarding. I'm so grateful for grace.

Kou T. N said...