Saturday, August 27, 2011

The dog days are over

In two days my summer officially ends. Work at the computer store will kick into overdrive (especially from losing a day to the hurricane) and after the weekend rush during which I will definitely want to stick my head in an oven, then school will start. And the insanity will heighten. (I'm a little bit over-committed. NBD.)

Still, I managed to jam some happiness into this busy summer. For posterity.

Two weeks in Dearborn! Where I ate Arabic food every day, went to an art museum for the first time, crossed a language barrier, and saw the light shatter darkness. A week at "libertarian camp"! Where I experienced my first ever college party, wandered the streets of Philadelphia, talked to strangers, and had my enthusiasm for free market ideals was revived.

I raced around Boston, and then around Providence. I went to my first ever Waterfire. I sat on a sailboat and experienced Gasby Days. I watched spectacular fireworks and braved apocalyptic subway conditions. I gave blood under the most bizarre of circumstances, in a successful demonstration of getting-together-ness. I saw two, three, four friends off to college, the quintessential experience, and I managed not to die of jealousy. I drove home in the middle of the night so frequently I went pro.

I made a different cookie every Friday I went to work. I learned how to (not) drive a golf ball. I had free frozen yogurt at 10pm in the pouring rain. I planned a photo scavenger hunt downtown. I had periodic movie nights with the best of friends, and chill Sunday afternoons with beautiful people. I explored Boston and aired the curtains of my mind with two boys who are teaching me so much. I had soul-cheering chats with girls I see so rarely. I saw the Breakers well-photographed.

I said good-bye to summer and "hello, hurricane" with my family this afternoon. With octopus ramen and wandering around in the drizzle. Tomorrow will be filled with back-to-school preparations, and then maybe I'll be able to come back up to breathe when the semester ends.

And I count all this fullness as the richest of blessings.


Michael said...

:D You are a wonderful girl, and many people love you.

While the above is true, the real reason I'm commenting on this post is because you have WAY too many books in your "reading" list! Finish "less than words can say" already! Gosh!

And yeah, I do love you, and I'm praying and excited for you going back to school.

Nicole said...

Hayley, have I ever mentioned how great I think you are?