Sunday, August 7, 2011

I feel twelve years old in the very best way

This weekend has been glorious. I've never looked forward to a weekend so much! And in memorandum of my final day of the weekend tomorrow (Rhode Island, in all its tackiness, is the only state that still observes . . . VJ Day. Yeah. Awkward.) here are the three things I would like to do.

1. I would like to make stuffed French toast. Actually, I would like to eat stuffed French toast. I suggested that for her sixteenth birthday, Maggie have a little party at a tea garden, and I reminded myself of my aunt's engagement party some years back, when I had stuffed French toast for the first (and last) time and didn't finish the whole thing because it was so rich, and I'd like to recreate that experience.

(Virginia Woolf has very little on me by way of syntax.)

2. I would also like to make it through the stack of library books I've been blowing through. See, okay. I've been in quite a desertland in my literary explorations, haven't sat and read in such a long time, but, oh, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Harry Potter brought me out of it.

This is how it happened. I got pre-showing tickets to the last movie, and on impulse I went, just so I could say I saw the most talked-about movie of the year two nights before everyone else. (Because I have great strength of character, and all.) Never seen any of the other movies, never picked up one of the books, a veritable Hogwarts tabula rasa! Funny enough though, when I wasn't whispering to the people on either side of me, "Who's that? What's going on? Why--" I was actually quite enjoying the movie. The final straw was when my neighbor brought over the first movie the following night, and at its conclusion I was essentially hooked.

On my longish ride to Pennsylvania I listened to The Sorcerer's Stone on tape, and the following week I worked through The Chamber of Secrets. I'm finishing up Prisoners of Azkaban now, and, I almost look forward to driving long distances now, because it means another dose of this bizarre fantasy land. That's what I love about reading. That's what I've missed. And it's a pity it took something like the Harry Potter franchise to get me back into it!

But that's the great part, right? Since I only have the tapes, not the books, I've had to fill my thirst of stories when I'm not in the car. I've breezed through three books these past few days, ah, it's just like old times! Not just fiction either, not just twoddle reading, but also some thick tomes giving me advice on my future, and some witty essays on Winnie the Pooh and the dignity of normal, everyday language. I'm branching out in my old age!

Of course, this will all come to an end with this month and the start of school, as I'm certain I will be working when I'm not sleeping (sleeping?! I meant studying, I can sleep when I'm dead), but I'm hopeful I can ride this rejuvenation straight through till December, where I can resume my booklist where I left off.

Oh, oh, continuing with my list of sundry things. 3. I want to cuddle with my brother. Because today, finally, and oh how I've been waiting for this day . . . ! Today, my brother smells good. There is indeed hope in this world!

I totally get Rebecca Black. I love the weekend.


Micah E. said...

This post makes me smile.

Kristen said...

Hayley, you're amazing and I miss you.

[secret confession: I watched the first two Harry Potter movies for the first time this summer without having read the books :gasp:]

Michael said...

Dude! Prisoner of Azkaban was the BEST ONE!

Okay :) Ah! I've had a similar experience with reading this month. Isn't it wonderful?!

You definitely need to further encourage your brothers odor habits.

Nicole said...

I love this. :)

Anonymous said...

you're the greatest. glad your summer is going it seems ;)