Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pardon My Behavior

Originally posted to Xanga on May 5, 2006

I'm such a pig.

I am so blessed to know so many great people, and so much of the time I take y'all for granted. wow.

you guys really need to know what an impact you all have on me, and God is really working my life though y'all.

Regionals was such a painful yet fun experience for me...I mean, my heart flip-flops whenever I think about it, but I've been thanking God all day for giving me a chance to go, and I'd like to recap. I don't exactly have the time to pour out my heart, since we're leaving in five minutes, but this is my blog and this is what I write.

I am immature. for my 14 years I have not come a long way, which is why the people who go out of their way, time, or want to even say 'hi' to me has such a great impact. even those who haven't even looked my way need to know, that they've got a platform, and these things I notice.

to my friends, whom I see all the time, and whom I'm not on my best behavior when I'm around: you guys rock. I have you who sympathize with me, who always remind me that God's in this, and everything's in His plan, and who keep me in check when I do something totally stupid, who put up with my insane antics. wow, whoever said good friends are worth more than gold was on the mark.

and to y'all who probably don't know I'm watching you (oo, now THAT'S a scary thought!): you guys have quite the influence on me, and it's insofar been used in a positive way. and maybe I'll let you know the specifics someday.

so what can I say? what profound thought can I leave you with?

y'all are great people, and God is using you, and will continue to use you. keep up the good work.

Much love,


and in the event of me totally embarrassing myself AGAIN (because you know it will happen), be gracious, and know that God's not done with me yet.

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