Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Zach Hunter is dreamy

Originally posted to Xanga on August 20, 2007

It is simply amazing how God gives certain people the talents and abilities to share their message, and then uses them to inspire the rest of us. In this moment there is nothing more remarkable to me. So I'm reading Be the Change, written by a fifteen year-old modern-day abolitionist. I've sort of just finished the chapter on inspiration, so fitting that it would be the first chapter, because Zach Hunter himself is quite the inspiration. I'm fifteen years old. I'm his age. And look what he's done, how God has used him. Inspirational? Heck yes! I will most definitely blog more about this book and what God's teaching me through it as I get further in.

But I'm back! From Canada. A.k.a. The Land of Great Scenery and Not Much Else. It was relaxing, but it's good to be home. I've got so much to do though. I really should be getting that stuff done instead of blogging. I need to finish painting our room. (Oh yess! Perhaps I'll post pictures when it's done.) And I need to prep for debate camp. (Ah. Ha. This is so sober a subject I don't think I can bear to dwell on it further.) And I need to get ready for the school year! Wewt! (The further I get into high school, the less capable I think I am of graduating. *rolls eyes*) I also have commitments with GenJ and our youth group, as well as speech stuff to get done. I'm not stressed though. It's still summer and I have few immediate deadlines. Gotta love summer.

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