Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Would you become an organ donor?

Yes, yes, yes. In fact, I am one. But let me elaborate.

Last spring: after a local forensics tournament, a friend of my mom's (actual a coach for one of the few debate clubs in RI) gave her some information on a mini speech competition hosted by the Warwick Rotary club. My mom was kinda "meh" about it, and while I thought it was interesting, I wasn't too compelled to do this competition to the death. In fact, I don't know how I ended as one of the nine competitors, but somehow bah-dah-bing, bah-dah-boo I found myself preparing to compete in the Rotary Four-Way Test Speak-Off. For my speech I chose the topic of organ donation. (If you want to see my performance, comment or something, but I warn you that it was kind of pathetic.) I thought that was the end of my organ donation soapbox. However . . .

Two months ago I received a call from the only Rotary member who had my contact information. He asked on behalf of the former district governor if I would be interesting in giving my speech at some sort of Rotary meeting in Mystic. To be honest, nothing in me wanted to go. Especially when he mentioned that there'd be over 300 people there AND I'd be sharing the stage with two other participants in the Rotary Speak-Off. But, my mom, being my mom and being dedicated to my success, insisted that I go. It was absolutely amazing. I gave the speech flawlessly, and the response of the audience was overwhelming. Afterwards, the stories I heard and the encouraging words made up for all my misgivings. It was a thrilling and fulfilling experience, knowing that my simple seven minute speech reminded Rotarians of the importance of organ donation.

Organ donation is so important to me because it is one of the rawest, most basic ways one human being can help and serve another. It blows my mind. When given the chance and the choice to help someone else, who would pass that up? Organ donation is self-less, and a tangible way to reach out to someone else. That is so special! Also, I love the thought that while death is so painful, through organ donation life came give given and restored even in the midst of something so terrible as death. Even in the pain and grieving of losing a loved one there is hope that some good can come from this terrible tragedy. This is why I am passionate about organ donation.

Originally posted to Xanga on November 4, 2007

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