Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Soup: Food of the Soul

Originally posted to Xanga on November 7, 2007

Soup is amazing.

You know what book I'm reading? Tales of Despereaux. If you get the chance, you should read it. Our family listened to it as a book-on-tape the redeem the lengthy amount of time we spend on the road. It was a cute, well-written story, soppy but insightful, ridiculous but carrying much gravity. . . On second thought, I doubt you would like the book very much, so if you have a chance you should listen to the book on tape, preferably with people of all different ages, and you'll enjoy it much more than reading it straight.

One "motif" or symbol of this book is soup. Soup is a key plot point on at least three occasions, and soup ends the novel. I've always loved soup, but never as much as after I heard this story of Despereaux. After finishing this book, our mom made soup every day for lunch for a week or so. And I'm still craving soup.

My mom makes an awesome spinach soup with heavy cream, as well as delicious escarole soup. Her chili and chicken soups are lovely too. And after Easter or other special occasions, she makes lentil soup with the leftover ham and it is positively divine. We went to the Macaroni Grill on my birthday, and my mom ordered Chicken Tuscana soup, and of course I had to have a bite. I swear that it was the best soup I have ever eaten. I ordered a bowl for myself. Living in New England, and the Ocean State at that, we have the best chowder around here. I like the white chowder the best, but it's all delicious. Soup, all kinds of soup, just make me happy.

And nothing is better with soup than bread and cheese. And why not mix them together for the casual soup? Yes, grilled cheese is my second most favorite food.

But I'm not too good at making soup myself. Actually, I've never really tried, but I can assure you that my domestic abilities in the kitchen are, well, lacking. I always manage to misunderstand or misread the recipe. So, give me what you've got. Yes, I would like to hear how to make soup. If you post your instructions, recipes, and tips, I will use them. Teach me how to make soup.

And, share your soup experiences -- good soup, bad soup, what you love about soup! We're having a soup fest up in here.

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