Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Revisiting the thought . . .

Originally posted to Xanga on May 29, 2007

"I Capture the Castle" is my new obsession -- it's darling. Actually, it was darling until she went and fell in love with Simon, and now it's gruesome. Dodie has lost the ball. The charmingness is starting to come back, now that Mortmain has started another book. But there was one chapter in there that ruined the book. Honestly, why must they do that! They did that with My Sister's Keeper, too, and it's most disheartening.


I would direct you to my entry on August 9th, 2006 -- this topic has been heavy on my heart lately.

I live in [village name], in [town name], in [state name], in New England, in the north-east, in the US of A. I live in the suburbs of a nice town, in a small state, in a scenic part of the richest nation. My parents work hard to make sure myself and my siblings are happy and taken care of and they love us, my friends care about me and love me, my neighbors and librarians talk with me and are pleasant, even the government has passed bills and programs to make sure that I'm taken care of. I live in an environment that caters to my every whim -- the media, the entertainment industry, the community, the government. I live in America -- the land of opportunity! This is the world I live in. And yet, my world is not THE world.

Why me? What did I do to deserve being born into America? What did I do to deserve such an upbringing? Such an environment? Such a life? Honestly, I have been born into such an opportune context -- it makes me think, "Is there a reason for this?"

Commenting on my August entry, Amanda said, "it certainly does put things in perspective-- and makes us question how we've been using everything that's been given to us. we've been given more than enough to change lives and make a difference... but do we?"

Meg has been thinking about this a lot, and I think I've caught the bug. Someone, I think it was Kelsey, said that sometimes you feel so anxious to DO something, that you just can't sit still. And I suppose I feel antsy in that respect. And guilty. I'm so priveledged to be growing up where I'm growing up - suddenly my plans to change the world seem very small indeed. My world seems superficial compared to the need in the world. Before my focus was on making America better, turning America around -- but there's a focus so much bigger than that! As big as America is, it seems very small compared to the rest of the world.

Erika commented, "God gives us so much more than we deserve. He's God; we're not. We may not know why God lets others live rich and others live poor- to the world. But no matter how much or how little we have there will always be blessed people like us who could count ourselves rich in Christ. . . He knows why He does what He does...that's enough. Now all we have to do is trust Him and always remember to be grateful for what we have in this earth and how we have Christ in our lives. That's more than any wealth we can have on earth."

Food for thought.

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