Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The world is our oyster

Originally posted to Xanga on September 26, 2007

On Tuesday, my friend mentioned a career assessment test she had taken and alluded to the results.


This year started out as my junior year. Luckily, I've convinced my mom that it's in my best interest to take a fifth year of high school. But that doesn't dam the flurry of thought in regards to what they call my "future." Where am I going academically? How is that going to translate into a career? What am I going to call my life's work? I have to think about credits, courses, colleges, scholarships, extra-curriculars, transcripts, awards, resumes, PSATs, SATs, SATIIs, SAT subject tests, ACTs, CLEPs, APs, [insert forgotten test name here's], and anything else that minutely pertains to my 'education.' It's ridiculous. I am fully buried under an avalanche of information, tips & tricks, plans, strategies, and knowledge.

I needed a breather. Something to make this process simpler. And I'm talking beyond these Your-Awesome-And-Easy-Guide-To-College. I thought I needed a career assessment test, but better than that, I needed one of those free thingies all over the internet. So I picked a MAPP assessment test and took it a couple of hours ago. I was floored by the results. Obviously, it was one of those buy-me-and-I'll-give-you-the-COMPLETE-results, so my results weren't exactly comprehensive (top ten careers? dashed out. But I got to see 11-20.) but the results clearly articulated all that I hadn't been able to say about myself.

It was weird that I needed a stupid, free, online career assessment test to affirm for me what I'm like. But I'm so young (not even sweet sixteen yet) and I can do anything. (Well, except math. But I can do anything else.) I'm bright, and I'm skilled, and I'm special. Even though I'm not. What does the Bible say? We are a royal priesthood, we are children of the King. Why did I need a free online career assessment test to tell me God has gifted me? I may have no idea how to use this anomaly-ridden personality, but apparently God does. Should I worry? Do I have to? Is the Pope Catholic? It's a novel feeling to have the world open to me. Now God has to show me my place in it.

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