Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ravings of a crazed adolescent

Originally posted to Xanga on July 23, 2007

Beeeees . . . . bzzz
It was Wednesday and it was raining. Hard. Mrs. Peach had to drop us at our house (we were at VBS) because Mom was working. We had to pick up and get ready for care group. I was stoked. So we jump out of her car and run up the porch steps . . . Sarah tries the door and -- it's locked. Of course. Did I mention it was pouring? I tell Caleb and Sarah to run around back and try those doors and they get stung! There was a massive bee's nest under our porch steps and they were greatly aggravated by the rain and the commotion we were making. Maggie gets stung too. The back doors are locked. So picture the scene . . . Maggie and Caleb running around the driveway in the pouring rain because the bees were chasing them, Sarah jumping up and down on the driveway because she just got stung, me still standing on the porch not knowing what to so and not wanting to get stung! Mrs. Peach was thankfully still there and quite experienced with hyperventalating children, so she took us back to her house and care group was cancelled. Timing was perfect, and although the ordeal was a bit scarring, I'm over it. I didn't get stung. My record is still clean.

SLMC . . . wewtness!
Yesterday morning during Connect, Michael told us what service teams we're on for Student Life Missions Camp. The night before I had been thinking about it and decided I'd be okay with having to go to the Artman Home, and was thinking of conversations starters. "What did you do before you retired?" "Do you have any kids/family in the area?" "Have you always lived in Philadelphia?" But I'm going to the food kitchen and I'm so excited! Meagan's going too. Sarah and Hannah, however, are going to the Artman Home. Sarah's chill with it, and she's good with the elderly anyway, but Hannah's not exactly excited. Mostly because old people can't usually hear her. She was kind of upset all day. Still, all things considered, I'm super excited about the trip. It's in exactly a week! Next Monday, at this time, we'll be on the road.

Jackson . . . that thar doogie
He's too cute for words! I love him, he's adorable. Wonderful puppy. Well, not entirely a puppy, he's 24 weeks, and half puppy half grown dog. So not little but not big. He's teething and therefore chewing everything!! Out of necessity, Dad had to go out and get a chew toy for him, because this dog was chewing the couch, the rug, the stairs, and us. And my history book. Mom's been giving him carrots to chew too. He's so funny -- he actually chases his tail! I've never seen a dog really chase their tail before. I have to sort of train him, too, since he jumps up on people, jumps up onto the couch, and isn't house broken. How does one house break a dog?! I'll have to look it up. He almost never barks and he is almost a delightfully unspoiled dog. He smells bad though. Almost as bad as CJ. I'll add picture.

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