Wednesday, January 7, 2009

TeenPact will be my lifeline

Originally posted to Xanga on May 3, 2007


For some reason (I don't know why) I like the muted and darker tones beter. Perhaps because streetlights look better with their use is fufilled? I like night. And the dark. I mean, daytime is great too, but when you want to be pensive and reflective there is no better time than twilight. Or dusk. I'm having an 'Anne' debate over which word is more romanic. I'm always 'Anne-ish' in the spring.

Something is wrong with me -- speech and debate is my life. That's pretty sad. I didn't even realize until I skipped youth group for two weeks. It's more than just my little GTC world that I surround myself with, but NCFCA especially. I don't think it's healthy to be exclusive like that. I'm thinking I should get more involved with these Rhode Island homeschoolers -- get to know more people than just my safe little circle of friends. I'm even slightly wishing I had gone to the Homeschool Ball. *gasp* I know, right? :shocked:

But TeenPact is next week and that makes me happy. I get to see my Rhode Island only buddies plus chill at the capital. Shweet! Not that my homework is done . . . but I've done more than in past years. This will be good for my mental well-being in serval ways. . .

1) Local socialization. I do not socialize exclusively with NCFCA people. I am not dependant on the facade that dressing up and speaking puts up. I will meet and talk to real people who are homeschooled in my state. It'll be good for getting out of my comfort zone. I'm sure these people are just as swell as the NCFCA people. And I'll get to see Em and KC and the Childs! Yayz!

2) Reaffirming my conservative/homeschooler beliefs. Don Miller made me go all liberal. TeenPact will reinforce that what I believe is right - not just because my parents and mentors say so. I will find out that it's right for myself. I won't toe the party line just because it's the homeschooler thing. Because, let's face it, RI's GOP has issues. I will learn to put this political passion to good use and not just hate either parties -- parties are pointless anyways. Hehe, so TeenPact will cure my wise-in-my-own-eyes and my leaning-on-my-own-understanding.

3) Help with debate. Hehe, I know, trying to break out of this pattern, but if I want to learn anything or meet my goal (my goal = to win one round. We'll see if that happens or not :winky:) I need to work hard. And coinscidenally, debate's topic and TeenPact's topic coincide. And assuming Josiah doesn't go to CT TeenPact, I could help him out for a change. Every one needs a leg up here, and Teenpact is mine. Wheesh.

4) Teaching me independance. I'm going to have issues getting to and from the capital on a few of the days, so hopefully this will make me less freaked out about being independant (yeah, you have to hang around the capital for a few extra hours -- get a grip!!) and I'll be able to redeem the time. Or maybe I'll just jump over to the mall and shop (another phobia - ah!) or learn something from the lobbists. Who would want to talk to a fifteen-year-old girl whilest statesmen walk by! *rolls eyes* Whatever.

Nationals is a pickle. We've got to figure out (a) a flight, (b) to rent a car or not to rent a car, and (c) hotel and doubling up. Awkward. But I'm cool with whatever we decide, because there are pros in each situation. I'm just thankful to be going.

Wow, I think I talk about my problems much too much. To be remedied in my next entry . . .

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